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We design and manufacturer  tube axial exhaust fans  , sizes range from 12" to 48".

Lead time for 12"-24" tube axial fans is usually 1-3 days.

All our tube axial fans use a non- sparking blade manufactured by multi wing. The blades are made from a reinforced poly propylene.

We also use off-the-shelf flanged bearings for easy maintenance and replacement part availability.

 The fan's "V" belt drive has an adjustable motor base for correct belt tensioning.

All fans carry a one year warranty.



12" 3/4 hp $690.00
18" 1 1/2 hp sp or 2hp 3p $935.00
24" 1 1/2 hp sp or 2hp 3p $1040.00
34" 5 hp 3 phase $1555.00
34" 5hp single phase $1955.00